16 Lavender Oil Uses And Benefits For Face And Hair


Many essential oils provide medicinal benefits. You can also mix lavender oil with your moisturizer to prevent dryness from the skin. Email Created with Sketch. If you only use one essential oil, this is it! It helps to hydrate scalp and cures dryness.

Lavender Oil: Benefits & Uses

Put the mixture on the bite twice a day or more. Studies have shown that lavender oil possesses hair growth-promoting effects. For wrinkles and dry skin, you can apply the oil directly with your hands. Some oils also have wound-healing properties….


If your pain stings, a drop of peppermin t oil mixed in can help numb it. It has the ability to lessen acne, help lighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. Some oils also have wound-healing properties…. It also promotes hair growth and healthy scalp. Ruby Warrington 16 hours ago. Repeat times a week. To use lavender oil on small wounds, mix three or four drops of lavender oil together with a few drops of coconut or tamanu oil. Not only does it reduce the appearance of scars, but it also helps to speed up the healing process, helping new cuts and other abrasions disappear. Repeat daily for fast result. You can put it on your skin with or without a carrier oil to form a lotion.

Lavender oil has many how to use lavender oil for skin for treating the skin. Lavender oil is full of antioxidantswhich help protect you from the free radicals. For a particularly stubborn pimple, argan oil can help reduce inflammation. It gives moisture to the area around eyes which removes the wrinkles associated with dryness and also fades age spots and dark spots and circles. You can also mix lavender oil with your moisturizer to prevent dryness from the skin. To treat the inflammation on a burncombine one to three drops of lavender oil and one to two teaspoons of moringa or coconut oil. Frankincense, argan and lavender oil aid in cell health and regrowth, especially in terms of skin cells. Pour how to use lavender oil for skin hazel in a glass spray bottle using a funnel and add carefully lavender oil into it. Mix all and pour it into the spray bottle.

OR Dab some lavender oil on your acne and pimples using a cotton. If you suffer from eczema and are sick of taking medication that only provides short-lived relief, lavender oil may be a new option for you. Again, use the cupping and inhalation method.

How to Improve the Health of Your Skin with Lavender Oil

Eczema can show up anywhere on your body. It has been used for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes, as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties. Lavender oil for acne. November 30, By Mamta.

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NO redness, swelling or pain. Nausea or motion sickness To alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness, place a drop of Lavender oil on end of tongue, behind the ears or around the navel. Soothes eczema and dry skin.


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