From Delicate to Rebellious: 40 Fabulous Flower Tattoos


Shoulder Blade Bouquet Tattoo Photo: Not many people aster flower tattoo hit that 3D depth with a tattoo. I noted at the beginning that flower tattoos are not exclusively girly girl tattoos.

How to Grow and Care Aster Plant -- Beautiful Flowering Plant - Aster

Small Red Flower Tattoo Photo: Black on Back Photo: Connecting Rose Arm Tattoo Photo: I love these subtle tattoos! People avoid it because it is more of a sensitive, romantic type of flower.

But in this case, it is definitely spot on for the tattoo. I have a female friend who has her entire arm tattooed. And it looks deep and emotional, something not many colors can deliver. Black and Gray Roses on Hip Photo: You might think pink is a girly color. And it looks awesome. And a rose fits there perfectly. And you definitely have to see it, at least in pictures.

Delicate Sunflower vietnamese on Wrist Photo: But you will carry it with you everywhere you go. Dogwood Flower Tattoo Photo: Great for people who do not want to have their entire arm and shoulder taken aster flower tattoo with one tattoo. Half Sleeve Lotus Flower Photo: But it can look good. But you can make it work. There are so many ways you can add a rose to your body. The symbolism behind the aster flower tattoo is the eternal cycle of renewal.

People think they are only for girly girls. Like what you're reading?

This flower tattoo also covers the whole arm, but if you can wear it with confidence, people will love it. That sunny yellow color is just plain awesome! The flowing coloring makes it look like a river. Another flower tattoo that is perfectly suited for men as well.

Facts about Aster Flowers

I noted at the beginning that flower tattoos are not exclusively girly girl tattoos. We will have several bird and flower tattoos further down the list. It looks vivid and lively. The artistic aspect of the tattoo aster flower tattoo also one to note.


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