Bird Of Paradise Plant Care


In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. How can I plant the seeds to so if I can grow them. How can you tell when it is pot bound enough to transplant into next size pot? I moved to Santa Barbara where you can find them everywhere.

Loving Your Bird Of Paradise - The Plant Doctor

I think I may need to call a professional such as a tree trimmer. It gets regular water and a lot of sunlight. Will they burn in full sun or should they be partial shade for the summer than back to full sun for the cooler winter months? Hi Cindy Bird Of Paradise bloom better when kept slightly pot bound.

How to Care for Bird of Paradise Plants

I barely remember to water it, but the bottom is all wet and mushy. Being an invasive species, it is advisable to grow this plant in containers so that it does not interfere with the growth of other plants in the garden or greenhouse. I have been watering a great deal because of new sod. I live in zone 8 and mine is in its original pot after 2 yrs of planting pot in the ground and digging up in late fall to go in garage for winter protection I would think it needs to be transplanted but want to be sure. Organic mulch can be prepared at home, by mixing fallen leaves, evergreen plant needles, twigs, and wood chips. Just be sure to take the stems all the way down as close to the base of the plant as you can. An outdoor plant must be protected with a frost blanket. We have a bop at our office. Thanks for the advice in advance. I am having a hard time finding really good instructions for dividing these plants.

BUT, the foliage is constantly coming. As someone once said, it may be easier to buy a new one than to try to divide it! Some of my BOP flower pods have black dots on them and the flowers inside are dead. It gets regular water and a lot of sunlight. It has spread too far and now I need to cut some of how to care for bird of paradise stalks down. The flowers are long lasting on the plant as well as in arrangements. I have it placed in an area outside where it will get direct sun most of the day. Is there any hope? Hi could you please tell me how to get rid of BOP as we have it in front of a retaining wall and it is pushing it out. Hope that helps, Nell.

Could be not enough light, they need feeding or they need dividing. It has several babies.

Seeds or root suckers of the bird of paradise must be planted in spring. Younger saplings must be given a peat-based mix and sprayed with a liquid fertilizer every month. The plant must also be top-dressed once a year and transferred to a bigger pot or container every two years. Spraying the underside of the leaves with lukewarm soap solution will ensure that these pests are removed.

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Being a flowering species closely related to the banana plant, the leaves of the two plants look similar. They like rich, organic feedings. If the leaves are party to fully brown, it could be fertilizer burn, too much water, too little water or a combo. They are doing great!


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