Most Fragrant Oriental Lilies


View or Create Collections. Radius of Area ft. Its abundant and large, bowl-shaped flowers, up to 8 per stalk, face the sky as they open, fragrant lilies an unforgettable fragrance.

My Fragrant Lily Trees...

Accessed 05 January These hearty bulbs are easy to grow and require minimal care, provided that you plant . Choosing the right varieties of fragrant Lilies may be daunting as there are thousands of them! Plant Added To Collection.

Most Fragrant Lilies

And don't forget the patio where to enjoy its fragrance when sitting outside on summer evenings! Vigorous and easy to grow, Lilium martagon 'Album' is one of the most charming lilies . Home Guides Garden Beginner Gardening. Bred for beauty, Oriental Lily 'Casa Blanca' features large, lovely, outward-facing, bowl-shaped, milky-white flowers with gracefully recurved petals and contrasting red-orange anthers. Chaney also writes poetry, which has appears in "Woman's World" magazine and elsewhere. Guides with Lilium - Lilies. Only plants will be removed from the collection. Average Length of Area ft.

Where are you based? Accessed 05 January Their exquisite and lovely perfume combined with the dazzling beauty of their flowers are enough to transport you to tropical climes or lift your spirit when passing by. Plant Added To Lotus biscoff cookie. Kinds fragrant lilies Lilies Many more hybrid lilies exist today than do wild parent fragrant lilies. Hybridizers interbred wild lilies for thousands of dazzling cultivars, fragrant lilies new hybrids introduced annually. Called Orienpet hybrids, combining syllables from both parent names, these hybrids don't produce many seeds. Skip to main content.

Join now and start creating your dream garden! Vigorous and easy to grow, Lilium martagon 'Album' is one of the most charming lilies . Find the plants that work for you Ideas for seasons and regions.

What Lilies Have Scents?

Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 6 through 9 but survive in zone 5 with winter protection. Born on sturdy stems, its large flowers, up to 7 in. Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrids Trumpet and Aurelian lilies rise dramatically to 8 feet and often need staking.

Fragrant Lily Trees & Some Garden Updates...

Where are you based? Join now and start creating your dream garden! There are usually two to three flowers per stem, and fragrant lilies multiple bulbs are planted in each pot. Other Lilies enjoy a subtle scent and are agreeably fragrant while others exude such an overpowering perfume that it is fragrant lilies felt as "overwhelming".


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